Restoration And Rebuilding Process

AcoustiCraft carefully disassembles each instrument and re-creates the parts which require replacement. Structural components that are most subject to failure, the soundboard and pinblock, are constructed individually using music grade spruce and maple which are air-seasoned on our premises, then custom-milled and assembled.

Each wooden part is sized with precision measuring tools, then hand-fitted to the piano so that all original dimensions and specifications are maintained.

When restoring the keyboard and action mechanism of a vintage piano, we faithfully maintain its original action geometry, using only parts which adhere to classic design standards.

During reassembly, each piano receives full attention to every detail of quality restoration:

  • Refinishing of the iron plate with handsome bronzing lacquer.
  • Nickel plating and polishing of the duplex scales.
  • New felt-covered string rests.
  • Premium quality tuning pins.
  • Restringing with finest grade music wire.
  • Superior moisture-resistant varnish on soundboard and pinblock to withstand humidity fluctuations.
  • Incremental initial tunings slowly bring the piano to pitch.
  • Each piano regulated and voiced to its owner's requirements.

At AcoustiCraft, we respectfully replace the original soundboard with careful attention to the grain angle of the spruce, along with thickness and degree of edge taper. New white pine ribs are tested for a match to the weight and bending strength of the original rib. This kind of attention to detail assures a response characteristic true to its original design specifications. The end result is a finely rebuilt or restored piano with a rich and even tone which can be tailored to suit the tastes and abilities of exacting musicians. We invite you to experience firsthand how a quality instrument was intended to be.

In addition to piano restoration and consultation, AcoustiCraft also provides expert repair, voicing, regulation and appraisal services upon request. Please contact us for more information.

AcoustiCraft uses and recommends Kunis Piano Moving.

Chris fits the soundboard.
The old, collapsed soundboard and deteriorated pinblock are completely removed and replaced with exact duplicates of original equipment, true to the heritage of vintage piano construction.
re-stringing piano Chris Haberbosch works on a new rib.